Hardwood Flooring at Its Finest

Are you the type of person who finds hardwood flooring charming? Do you find a house with wooden floors incredibly warm and comforting? It is not hard to imagine that you do because there are a lot of people feel the same way. If you want to have that same charm for your very own house in Marietta, GA, you can have it with the help of Mr Hardwood Inc Marietta. Demanding homeowners only rely on our expertise to take care of their flooring problems. Then they would recommend our services to their like-minded friends. If you are wondering how we earned their loyalty and trust, you should continue reading this article.

Hardwood Flooring Installation – If you do not have wooden floors yet, you should not worry because we can help you with that. To ensure that you get the floor of your dreams, we would ask if you want engineered wood or solid wood flooring. As the name suggests, the latter literally comes from one whole wood. It is also considerably more expensive than the former. If you are not familiar with engineered wood flooring, this kind of flooring material is made of wood composite.

Once you have made your decision and you choose the latter, we would need to verify from what species of tree you want us to use. You can always go for ash, beech, cherry, maple, or oak. We can even arrange for you to have a more exotic selection such as the Brazilian oak, Santos mahogany, Kempas, or Brazilian teak. If you want us to use flooring materials from a sustainable source, we can ask our reliable suppliers to give you bamboo, palm wood, or reclaimed hardwood.

Hardwood Flooring Repair – We also offer this service because we know the hefty price you paid for your wooden floors to be installed. In this kind of project, our first step would always be to inspect the damage. We have to do this because skipping this part might worsen the damage since most wooden floors are sealed and most scratches are superficial. If so, there is no need to refinish your wooden floors.

So if you have flooring issues in Marietta, GA, you should not hesitate to ask for help from Mr Hardwood Inc Marietta. We can restore your wooden floors to their former glory. All you have to do is to call us right now at (678) 504-1219, and we will do the rest.



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