Everything You Should Know About Our Remarkable Wood Floor Refinishing Service


A sparkling and shiny hardwood floor is able to bring classy elegance to any room. Since it is long lasting and quite appealing, it is considered as a great investment. However, pets, heavy traffic, moving furniture around the room, and dirt are some of the things that can wreak havoc on the finish of your wood floor. Do you find yourself in such a situation? Maybe you are trying to find a reliable wood floor refinishing contractor that can restore the natural luster and beauty of the wood? If so, look no further because you have already discovered Mr Hardwood Inc Marietta.




Whether you are looking for a way to give your floor an improved appearance, want to benefit from a cheaper option than replacing the entire floor, or you would like to add more value to your home, we have the right solutions for your situation. As committed wood floor refinishing professionals, we are ready to complete your project quickly, affordably, and effectively. We are well-equipped and properly trained to deliver the beautiful results you desire and deserve. Don’t hesitate! Make sure you hire the right flooring company in Marietta, GA, by choosing Mr Hardwood Inc Marietta today!




When you allow us to refinish your flooring, we’ll strip off the old surface, sand the planks to make them incredibly smooth, and then apply the new finish you have chosen. In essence, you will get a brand new surface to your wood floor that is now fully able to protect your flooring planks from all kinds of problems. Besides all the above, you will also get that new, beautiful floor look that everyone in Marietta, GA loves.




Do you have any questions left unanswered? If you do, feel free to get in touch with our courteous and friendly representatives at the phone number listed below! We look forward to hearing from you today!




(678) 504-1219





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